Norton Thank You Festival. Get Norton Now! Hundreads of prizes to be won.

Campaign Summary

Grand prizes by lucky draw will be presented to customers who are currently using Norton valid products, or who have renewed or bought products in the Norton Store within the campaign period indicated below.
Customers already enrolled in the automotic renewal service at the time of the lucky draw will enjoy twice the chance in winning.

Campaign Period
2019/5/30 - 2019/8/28
Applicable products and target services
  • Prize A goes only to those who paid the purchase price over HK$ 350.
  • Prize B goes to all valid purchase order without price limitation.
  • All the purchase orders made within or before campaign period are eligible, as long as the Norton product is still valid at the time of drawing.
  • Purchase orders can be a newly purhcase, a renew purchase, or an auto renew purchase order.
Excluded products
  • Package products
  • Products bought from online stores other than the Norton store
Application method
Apply through "Apply for Prize" on this page.
Application deadline
Prize A : HK$ 7,000 Air Ticket
Prize B : HK$ 50 HKTVmall e-Gift Voucher

Notes and Precautions

Apply for Prize

Please apply by entering the customer's information in the application form below.

Choice of presents

Order number  Up to 15 - 17 digits of alphanumeric characters starting from the NS
* Your order number is shown in the e-mail received when you have made the purchase in the past.
Telephone number
Email address
Q1. Do you purchase Norton this time because of this campaign?
Q2. Which payment option do you prefer when it comes to subscribe Norton online?
Q3. As we keep improving customers online subscribing experience. Any website function or feature you would like us to improve or add to improve your subscribing experience better?(within 100 letters)
Q4. Any comment generally or additional feedback you would like to provide to this campaign or Norton? (within 100 letters)
Confirmation of Terms of Use
Please confirm your application upon reading and agreeing on the content of the "Terms of Use" and "Use of Personal Information. It should be noted that parts of the questionnaire content collected from customers may be posted on the website.
Contact here for inquiries about the campaign.

Official Rules

“Norton Thank You Festival” Official Rule

“Norton Thank You Festival” Official Rules (“Terms”) are terms and conditions determined by Norton Store (“EC Store”), ran by SOFTBANK Technology Co., Ltd. CEO, Shinichi Ata (“SBT”) for holding the “Norton Thank You Festival” (“This campaign”) in the China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea websites.

By applying to this campaign, each entrant is agreeing to all the conditions stated below. It is to be noted that these official rules are subject to change without notice. All changes are effective immediately when posted on this website.

1. Introduction to the campaign prizes
The prizes that are from the course chosen by the customers, will be presented to those selected by random drawing from a pool of customers who have applied to the campaign.

2. Rights of the Prize Winner
(A)The Rights of the Prize Winner apply to customers using Norton products within the campaign period (including customers who have made a validity date extension in the extend procedure page or use the automatic extension service). Eligible customers are those who have purchased products in Prize A and Prize B at a set price or higher. Please note that customers who have purchased products at a price lower than what qualifies to apply for the campaign are not eligible to win any prizes.
Prize A: Customers who have paid a purchase price of HK$ 350 or more.
Prize B: There is no limit in the purchase price.

(B) The Rights of the Prize Winner are not transferable. It is valid only for the customer SBT contacts about winning the prize.
(C) The Rights of Prize Winner may be nullified under the following situations.
1. If it is not possible to contact the customer in regard to the winning of the prize due to typographical error or changes, etc. in the email address or telephone number.
2. In the case of fraudulent act being discovered regarding the application for this campaign.

(D) Some of the prize items require customers to personally complete some procedures on the respective internet websites in order to utilize them. It is the customers’ responsibility to complete the procedure.

3. Regarding Drawing・Announcement of the Winner
After the end of the campaign period, a fair and strict drawing will be held to determine the winners. Announcement of the winners will be done by sending notifications beforehand to the provided email address or telephone numbers. Also, the final 4-digits of the winners’ purchase numbers will be announced on the website.

4. Sending Prizes
(A) Prizes will be sent by mail to the email address or telephone number provided beforehand by the customer.
(B) Tax, including the tariff charges and other expenses may occur related to the dispatch of the prizes. Please note that these related costs for shipping will be paid by the customer.

5. Governing Law・Jurisdiction
This campaign shall comply with and be interpreted in accordance to the Japanese law. In the event of a dispute with respect to this campaign, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance.

6. Management of Personal Information
For this campaign, the EC Store will maintain and manage the information attained from customers which enables customer identification (“Personal Information”) according to the “Privacy Policy” below.

7. Purpose of Use of Personal Information
(A)At the EC Store, personal information shall be utilized for the following purposes.
1.Notifying the winners and sending prizes
2.Miscellanneous administrative procedures to respond to winners’ inquiries, etc. regarding the sending of prizes.
(B) In the minimum extent necessary to achieve the purposes described in the preceding paragraph, the EC Store may entrust or provide the Personal Information to a third party.

8. Retention Period of Personal Information
(A) SBT will delete all personal information within one year after the completion of the campaign application."
(B) Upon the completion of deleting the personal information mentioned in the previous clause, any requests to disclose, correct, add or delete, etc. the personal information cannot be accepted.

9. Other notes
(A) Prizes should be used in accordance with the conditions stated in the mail of the prize delivery and others.
(B)Prizes are subject to change without prior notice.
(C) Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.

Supplementary Provisions These terms will come into effect from 2019/5/30.

Privacy Policy

SoftBank Technology Corp. (SBT) operating Norton Store (EC Store) declares that it will implement the privacy policy as specified below.

1. Collection, Use and Supply of Personal Information in consideration of Business Contents and Scope
SBT collects, uses and supplies personal information within the scope required for business purposes by specifying the purposes of collection, use and supply of personal information in advance (SBT doesn't collect, use or supply personal information beyond the scope required for business purposes). SBT strictly manages the personal information security system.

2. Compliance of Laws and Regulations
(1) SBT complies with all applicable laws of Japan and other rules and regulations specified by Japan related to the privacy policy.
(2) SBT secures, implements and improves the privacy policy system in accordance with Japanese Industrial Standard "JIS Q15001."

3. Measures for Prevention and Correction of Disclosure, Loss or Destruction of Personal Information
(1) SBT strictly clarifies the responsibility related to the protection of personal information by designating managers and persons in charge required to protect personal information, including Privacy Policy Manager, Auditor, person in charge of Privacy Policy Education and of complaints and counseling. Furthermore, SBT implements the plans and actions related to the privacy policy by the enterprise-wide organization around the Privacy Policy Manager.
(2) SBT maintains company regulations by stipulating the rules and procedures for safe management of personal information.
(3) SBT implements safe management actions required to protect personal information including securing physical safeguards, managing user verification or access restriction, monitoring activity status or system log, and establishing trouble shooting plans including backups.
(4) SBT implements the education for all employees and officers on a regular basis to make them understand the laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information, improve awareness of safety management and enlighten them about the importance of safety management.
(5) SBT monitors the Privacy Policy System to ensure that it is properly implemented through regular internal inspections by the Auditor and by self monitoring by business unit. If any improper item is identified by internal inspection or self monitoring by business unit, SBT corrects the item by clarifying the causes and enforces the preventive actions to prevent the same problems from occurring again.

4. Complaints and Counseling
SBT tries to solve complaints and to counsel related to personal information in accordance with company regulations. For complaints or counseling, please contact SBT using the email below.

[Complaints / Counseling] (only in Japanese or English)

5. Successive improvement of Privacy Policy System (PMS)
SBT keeps improving PMS in accordance with the relevant laws, guidelines or regulations of the government and their revision and change of social environment.

6. Change of Privacy Policy
(1) SBT has the right to change any provision in this Privacy Policy without prior notice.
(2) Any revision of this Privacy Policy will be published on the EC Store website.

Unauthorized reproduction and posting prohibited.