Use of Personal Information

1. SB Technology Corp. (SBT) uses the personal information (Personal Information) submitted by users of Norton Store (EC Store) for the following purposes:

  • To send direct mail (including email) on information including special promotions or new products and other information related to Norton products;
  • To conduct surveys by phone or email for the purpose of improvement of products or services of NortonLifeLock Inc and NortonLifeLock Japan K.K. or convenience in using EC store or special promotions for users's needs;
  • To provide information on surveys related to virus warnings, upgrades, new products, services, newsletters, helpful information or ideas or improvement for Norton products;
  • To produce content related to users;
  • To provide special information which users should pay attention to;
  • To improve or enhance products or services in accordance with users'needs;
  • To accept users to purchase or download products or services or join any other activities on the EC Store website;
  • To enable users to find out important information about software, services or products;
  • To send free gifts or a lottery prize to users;
  • To check attendance for events or seminars;
  • To inform about the issuance of license certificates or renewal of licenses;
  • To provide after sales service to users;
  • To reply to inquiries from users or
  • To send invoices, press for payment or cancel orders related to Norton products or services which users purchased.

2. SBT shall not disclose the users' personal information to a third party except the following:

  • If a user agrees to or approves providing his/her personal information to a third party before SBT provides such information;
  • If a credit card company inquires about a user's personal information for the investigation of the illegal use of a credit card or SBT inquires about the abuse of a credit card to a credit card company;
  • If SBT must provide personal information in accordance with applicable laws;
  • If SBT need to share personal information with NortonLifeLock which is manufacturers or suppliers for Norton products;
    >>NortonLifeLock's purpose to use personal information: The purposes to use personal information described above shall apply in this case.
    >>Items of personal information to be shared with NortonLifeLock partners;
    • Name
    • Telephone Number (including mobile phone number and Fax no.)
    • Address
    • Email (including mobile phone mail address)
    • Company/Organization
    • Division/Title
    • Work Place Address
    • Other Contact Information
    • Vendor Information
    • Name of Credit Card Holder
    • Credit Card Type
    • Credit Card Number
    • Expiration Date of Credit Card
    >>Responsible Party for sharing personal information: SB Technology Corp.
    >>How to provide personal information: By storage medium including CD/DVD-R or FTP.
    >>Method of acquisition: Acquired from information entered by customers in EC Store and from inquiries made by phone/email etc.

3. SBT shall not entrust managing businesses for personal information of users to a third party except the following:

If SBT entrusts only the necessary businesses to achieve the purposes to use personal information specified above to a business partner with the Confidentiality Agreement specifying proper use and management of personal information.
(Business partners include credit card company, warehousing company, forwarder, data entry company, printing company for direct mail or invoices, payment receiving agency and collecting agency.)

4. If you want to use or purchase services or products in the EC store, you are required to input (fulfill) into the SBT form. If you do not agree to provide the information in the required fields, you can't use or purchase services or products in the EC Store.

5. Inquiry on Personal Information

  1. Please contact SBT using the contact details below with respect to notice on the purpose of using personal information, disclosure of personal information, change of personal information, suspension of use of personal information or deletion of personal information ("disclosure"). SBT will make a quick response to your request in accordance with the EC Store procedures to verify your identification.
  2. In some cases SBT may charge a commission to you.
  3. SBT may not accept your request to disclose personal information in some cases. In such cases, SBT will notify you of the reason why your request has been denied.
  4. Inquiry related to personal information of EC Store managed by SBT
    [Complaints / Consulting] (only in Japanese or English).

6. Personal information manager

Representative of SBT's personal information surpervisor of EC Store
Operating Manager for EC Store Management: Masanori Tomaru
<EC Store> (only in Japanese or English)

About Using EC Store


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EC Store uses encrypted communication using SSL (secure socket layer) to protect important information including your personal information transferred on the Internet in the EC Store from being eavesdropped on, forged or masqueraded by a third party. If the SSL setting in your browser is not activated or your browser doesn't respond to SSL, the relevant page will not display or data input will not be accepted.

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