Privacy Policy

Effective: June 1, 2004
Last Updated: Oct 1, 2019
SB Technology Corp.
CEO: Shinichi Ata
Norton Store

SB Technology Corp. (SBT) operating Norton Store (EC Store) declares that it will implement the privacy policy as specified below.

1. Collection, Use and Supply of Personal Information in consideration of Business Contents and Scope

SBT collects, uses and supplies personal information within the scope required for business purposes by specifying the purposes of collection, use and supply of personal information in advance (SBT doesn't collect, use or supply personal information beyond the scope required for business purposes). SBT strictly manages the personal information security system.

2. Compliance of Laws and Regulations

  1. SBT complies with all applicable laws of Japan and other rules and regulations specified by Japan related to the privacy policy.
  2. SBT secures, implements and improves the privacy policy system in accordance with Japanese Industrial Standard "JIS Q15001."

3. Measures for Prevention and Correction of Disclosure, Loss or Destruction of Personal Information

  1. SBT strictly clarifies the responsibility related to the protection of personal information by designating managers and persons in charge required to protect personal information, including Privacy Policy Manager, Auditor, person in charge of Privacy Policy Education and of complaints and counseling. Furthermore, SBT implements the plans and actions related to the privacy policy by the enterprise-wide organization around the Privacy Policy Manager.
  2. SBT maintains company regulations by stipulating the rules and procedures for safe management of personal information.
  3. SBT implements safe management actions required to protect personal information including securing physical safeguards, managing user verification or access restriction, monitoring activity status or system log, and establishing trouble shooting plans including backups.
  4. SBT implements the education for all employees and officers on a regular basis to make them understand the laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information, improve awareness of safety management and enlighten them about the importance of safety management.
  5. SBT monitors the Privacy Policy System to ensure that it is properly implemented through regular internal inspections by the Auditor and by self monitoring by business unit. If any improper item is identified by internal inspection or self monitoring by business unit, SBT corrects the item by clarifying the causes and enforces the preventive actions to prevent the same problems from occurring again.

4. Complaints and Counseling

SBT tries to solve complaints and to counsel related to personal information in accordance with company regulations. For complaints or counseling, please contact SBT using the email below.

[Complaints / Counseling] (only in Japanese or English)

5. Successive improvement of Privacy Policy System (PMS)

SBT keeps improving PMS in accordance with the relevant laws, guidelines or regulations of the government and their revision and change of social environment.

6. Change of Privacy Policy

  1. SBT has the right to change any provision in this Privacy Policy without prior notice.
  2. Any revision of this Privacy Policy will be published on the EC Store website.

Unauthorized reproduction and posting prohibited.